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New Products

cuturon® X-treme

Extremely hardwearing nonwoven with a textile feel
The unique feel and open porous surface structure of cuturon® X-treme remains, even after printing.
product information

Application areas: Labels, banners, outdoor advertising, luggage tags, ID wristbands, racing numbers, envelopes and packaging.

  • very flexible & textile feel
  • very high edge tear strength and tear resistance, as well as folding strength
  • air-permeable
  • resistant against many chemicals and organic solvents
  • printable in offset, screen, laser and UV-inkjet
  • temperature resistant from -60°C up to
  • UV-resistant
  • flexible finishing: sewing, punching, gluing, perforating, eye letting

neobond® hybrid

Strength of a film, processing and handling like a paper
neobond® hybrid is a non-split, extremely strong special paper with an interesting feel. It stands out thanks to extremely high edge tear and tear resistance.
product information

  • mat coated on both sides
  • unique feel
  • non-split
  • good printability
  • no cracking in the fold
  • high wet and dry strength
  • high edge tear and tear resistance
  • extremely high number of double folds
  • temperature resistant
  • age resistant
  • high light and colour fastness
  • high dimensional stability
  • resistant against many organic solvents
  • variable finishing: varnishing, folding, punching, sewing, eye-letting, gluing, embossing