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High-performance papers

We develop and produce impregnated special papers, wetlaid nonwovens and synthetic fibre papers for industrial and graphic design applications. Our products are extremely versatile and can be used as base materials for various finishing processes such as impregnation, coating, laminating, embossing and a range of printing methods.

Our strength lies in our flexible production options, high level of vertical integration and many years of expertise. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we develop individual solutions that go beyond the standard range. After all, specialities are what we do best.

What can we do for you?

For this area, we recommend our stable varitess® nonwovens. They are compatible with an extremely wide range of printing methods and are suitable for laminating or lining whenever high levels of dimensional stability and strength are required.

Application examples: finished wallpapers, paintable wallpapers, embossed wallpapers, liners, wallpapers on demand, digitally printed wallpapers, wall tattoos, liner for glazing, liner for walls and ceilings, backing for flexible floor coverings, acoustic ceilings, liner for ceilings

Our special papers and nonwovens for durable printed products are the perfect choice for creating sophisticated finished products. We can offer you a wide range of robust, versatile and special materials.

Application examples: geological maps, outdoor maps, racing numbers, outdoor advertising, high-quality catalogues, brochures and envelopes, ID-documents, menus, cookery books, technical documentation, records in chemical and medical laboratories, fire protection plans, timetables, carrier bags, decorative packaging, labels

Whether you need a pressure-sensitive or sew-in label or a tag, our durable special products are the perfect solution for harsh indoor and outdoor applications.

Application examples: production labels, identification of pallets and containers, construction material labels, product labels for outdoor storage areas, plant labels, labels for (home) textiles, smart labels, labels for use in laboratories, food labels (direct/indirect contact), labels for drinks bottles

We can offer you stable base materials for use in indoor and outdoor advertising. Whether you need them for large-format printing or wobblers, mailshots or POS advertising, our products get your message across reliably and are made to last.

Application examples: outdoor advertising, scrollers/illuminated billboards, POS advertising, banners and posters, pavement signs, pennant chains, place mats, carrier bags, shop and trade fair equipment, murals, mailshots, high-quality catalogues

Our range of durable and extremely low-wear materials (available with or without special security features) is perfect for use as print substrates or bases in all kinds of security applications.

Application examples: documents, ID-documents, membership cards, certificates, records, admission cards, COC documents, smart labels, forgery-proof (textile) labels and packaging, substrates for security systems

When it comes to highly demanding applications that require more in terms of strength, surfaces or a particular feel, our special papers and nonwovens are the ideal choice thanks to their wide range of properties.

Application examples: packaging for surfaces that are susceptible to scratching, climate-proof packaging (wet rooms or tropical regions), special cores, packaging for gasification plates

Whether you are looking for a special type of paper that is suitable for sewing or need a water-resistant material for an outdoor event, we have a solution to meet your needs. This is because our durable papers and nonwovens are even capable of bringing creative ideas to fruition when other materials can no longer go the distance.

Application examples: pennant chains, event equipment, fashion mailshots, bags, photo books, scrapbooks, games, advertising material, printed products with a special feel, trade fair and stage decor, decorative packaging

varitess® digital wall decoration combines innovative nonwoven wallcovering technology with modern toner and inkjet printing technologies to create high- end wallcoverings. Classification of the fire performance according to DIN EN 13501-1: C-s1,d0 (flame retardant). Valid for the non-pretreated, unprinted nonwoven glued onto a non-inflammable substrate.

Application examples: Digitally printed wallcoverings and wall decorations in residential or commercial buildings (hotels, shops, museums, public buildings), decorative wall stickers, shop or stage fittings.



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